Haunted Meridian Mississippi

Merrehope- Meridian’s Haunted Mansion

Eugenia Gary has been said to haunt the first floor of the mansion, and she’s most often seen at the bottom of the staircase. The house was bought by Eugenia’s father, Mr. John Gary in 1868. While Eugenia never lived in the house, a portrait of her hangs in the home and has seemed to have trapped her spirit there. The teenage, dark haired beauty has been seen peering out of windows on the first and second floors. She’s often described as wearing a green “old-fashioned” hoop dress. Eugenia can often be found lurking around at social functions held at Merrehope. People who have experienced Eugenia say she is a comforting spirit.

However, Eugenia isn’t alone at the grand old Merrehope Mansion. It seems as if, several other spirits reside there too. One of those, being a man by the name of Marcus. He was a local teacher, who in the 1930s, committed suicide in his bedroom. Marcus is not nearly as quiet as sweet Eugenia. He’s known to be quite loud, slamming doors and stomping about, leaving an uneasy feeling wherever he goes. Although, the spirit is not believed to be harmful. The bedroom where he killed himself, feels heavy and uncomfortable, with a cold spot in the area where he died.

Location: 905 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Meridian, MS 39301

Stuckey’s Bridge

Listed as a Historic Landmark in Mississippi, Stuckey’s Bridge is better known as the site of an unknown number of grisly murders. The bridge gets its namesake from a member of the Dalton Gang named “Stuckey”. Old Man Stuckey operated an Inn near the Chunky River and would stand on the bridge and wave his lantern at the passing boats. He would offer a warm meal and soft bed to the weary travelers. With all of his guests sound asleep for the night, Stuckey would sneak into their rooms. Often he would murder his guests, taking their valuables. He later buried the bodies on the banks of the Chunky River.

It was said that Ol’ Stuckey killed about twenty people before he was caught. With rumors of people vanishing on the Chunky River, the Sheriff was notified and a posse was formed. Stuckey was promptly arrested and hung from the trusses of the bridge. His lifeless body hung there, swinging from the bridge, for five long days. It was finally cut down on the fifth day, with Stuckey’s body landing in the cold Chunky River. He was left to float downstream, vanishing to his watery grave.

Since that day, it has been said, you can catch a glimpse of Old Man Stuckey, crossing the bridge, waving his lantern. Many have experienced loud splashes in the water below when standing on the bridge. Others have said they have seen his body hanging from the bridge in the moonlight, with sightings of lights in the area being most common.

Location: Chunky River Watershed 47 Dam, Union, MS 39365

Pigford Building-Pythian Castle Hall

This old brick building was constructed in about 1915 for the Knights of Pythias. They were a secret fraternal organization and they named the building Pythian Castle Hall. Standing at three stories tall and boasting a ballroom on the top floor, it has been home to many businesses over the years. Some past owners have heard footsteps in the building when no one was around. Several have seen the ghostly apparition of a lady in white, on the balcony. Vacuums have turned on, despite being unplugged. Hanging merchandise, such as clothing and jewelry, have been tossed about while the business was closed and unoccupied. The current business occupying the Pigford Building is called “The Venue”. They plan and host events in the space. Wonder if they’ve had any otherworldly guests?

Location: 820 22nd Ave, Meridian, MS 39301

Grand Opera House-Riley Center

The Grand Opera House was opened in 1890. After it was leased to Saenger Theatres, it operated as a movie theater and in 1928 it was closed, boarded up, and abandoned until 1988. It was donated to the Historic Meridian Foundation. After lying silent and forgotten for all of those years, the grand old lady began a new life as The Riley Center. Although, the spirits from long ago still lingered.

The most prominent entity of the Grand Opera House is a ghostly lady that sings on the stage. While she’s never been seen, her haunting voice has been heard drifting through the theater. Nobody knows who this songstress is, it has been rumored that she could be the woman in the portrait painted above the stage. It is rumored that her presence can be felt while standing on the stage. The Grand Opera House has also been known for knocks, bangs, shuffling and shadows are seen fleeing into the darkness.

Location: 2200 5th St, Meridian, MS 39301

Other Spooky Places to Visit in Meridian MS

Royal Land is an old abandoned theme park hidden inside the city of Meridian. It’s been abandoned since the 1970s and looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Location: 1623 Sowashee St, Meridian, MS 39301

Rose Hill Cemetery is the final resting place for Gypsy Queen Kelly Mitchell, along with several members of the royal gypsy family. Location: 8th St & 40th Ave, Meridian, MS 39307

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